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Spelling Bee

2023 Spelling Bee Winners

The Annual Dove Mountain Spelling Bee occurs every December. With two representatives from each 4th-8th grade English Language Arts class, our Spelling Bee often includes more than 40 participants and can last 20, or more, rounds! 

Each December, Dove Mountain hosts its annual Dove Mountain Spelling Bee!  The process to compete in the Dove Mountain Spelling Bee begins in October when our 4th-8th Grade English Language Arts teachers receive the Classroom Spelling Bee list from the Dove Mountain Spelling Bee Coordinator. Students receive a copy of the list, which they have the option of studying, in preparation for the Classroom Spelling Bee in November. Classroom Spelling Bees are conducted at the teacher’s discretion and follow the rules set forth by the Scripps National Spelling Bee. These are the same rules used at all levels of competition in Marana. The top two spellers from each Classroom Spelling Bee are then given the opportunity to represent their class in the Dove Mountain Spelling Bee!

The top spellers from each classroom, along with a classroom alternate who may be asked to step due to an absence, receive a copy of the School Spelling Bee Study List from the Dove Mountain Spelling Bee Coordinator.  The parents of these students are also notified by email of their child’s accomplishment and provided with a copy of the study list.  Students are encouraged (with parental support) to study the School Spelling Bee Study List in preparation for the Dove Mountain Spelling Bee in December. Once the date of the Dove Mountain Spelling Bee has been decided, parents also receive this date by email and paper invitation so they can mark their calendars and plan to join us for this exciting event.

We love welcoming family members and friends to Dove Mountain to serve as an audience for our Annual Dove Mountain Spelling Bee! Our spellers sit on the stage in a randomly selected order, while our judges and pronouncer are on the floor directly in front of them; our audience members sit behind the judges facing the stage and our spellers. Before our Spelling Bee begins, Spelling Bee rules are reviewed with students, judges, and audience members.  We follow the Scripps National Spelling Bee rules, which are available for review on the day of the Spelling Bee, by request. Upon the conclusion of the Spelling Bee, Dove Mountain’s top four spellers go on to represent Dove Mountain at the Annual Marana School District Spelling Bee in January. In preparation for the Marana Spelling Bee, students receive a printed copy of the Annual Words of the Champions Spelling Book to review. 

Did you know students can advance beyond the Marana Spelling Bee?  Our top spellers may have the opportunity to continue to advance to the Pima County Spelling Bee, the Arizona Spelling Bee, or even the Scripps National Spelling Bee! Want to learn more about the Scripps National Spelling Bee? Check out their website to see if you have what it takes to compete at the national level!

Questions about the Dove Mountain Spelling Bee?  Email Ms. Sjursen.

Page Photo:  5th Annual Dove Mountain Spelling Bee- December 2023
Congratulations to the 42 students who participated in the 2024 Annual Dove Mountain Spelling Bee this morning! These students went head-to-head in our most challenging Spelling Bee to date! These amazing spellers represent Dove Mountain at the Marana District Spelling Bee: 1st Place: Bailey, 2nd Place: Nolan, 3rd Place: Zamarah, and 4th Place: Jackson.