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History Name/Mascot

Overhead view of school pre-opening

During the CSTEM K-8 showcase on November 1, 2018, stakeholders were invited to make recommendations for the name of the new Marana Unified School District school being constructed in Dove Mountain. More than 200 individuals provided input with over 30 names recommended! 

The Marana Unified School District proudly announced that the name most recommended and subsequently approved by the Governing Board during their January 10, 2019 regularly scheduled meeting was . . . Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8 School!  

Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8 subsequently announced that their school colors are GREEN and YELLOW and their school Mascot is the JAGUAR. 

The mascot design was created by a teacher specifically for the new school! Each part of the Jaguar is representative of CSTEM academics:  

  • Tail is binary code for K-8
  • Lines and circles represent a circuit board (Technology)
  • Gears = Engineering
  • Front legs...Pi (Math)
  • Jaw has an H2O molecule for Science