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Students Reading on Steps

Create. Innovate. Specialize.

Welcome to Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8! We take great pride in providing the first of its kind school in Arizona featuring a creative and specialized academic experience in an innovative 21st century learning environment designed to give students the experience, knowledge, and skills they need to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. 

Within this Marana Unified School District, state-of-the-art, preK-8 CSTEM school, students experience rigorous Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (CSTEM) academics and learning tools in every class where they are exposed to practical hands-on lessons, which have direct relevance to real-world challenges. 

From mobile devices, zSpace AR/VR and Science labs, to makerspace and outdoor learning areas, students engage in exploratory, creative, hands-on learning.  

Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8 School, home of the Jaguars, also offers so many more programs and services including full-day FREE kindergarten, preschool, before and after school care, gifted education, special education, full-time Master level school counselor, health services, librarian, music, arts, physical education, athletics and more. 

Our school is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and nurturing atmosphere that encourages students to collaborate with their peers and feel open to taking chances with their learning. We understand the need to provide an educationally enriching experience for our students and we are confident in our ability to do so. 

Parents and community members are encouraged to take part in their students’ learning environment. Creating this partnership assists all involved and creates a wonderful bond between school and community. 

Feel free to come by our school any time to learn more and take a tour of our amazing learning atmosphere. 

State-Of-The-Art Learning Environment

At Dove Mountain CSTEM students are challenged, relationships are built, and teaching is focused on individual student achievement. The innovative classroom setting provides students and teachers the opportunity to work collaboratively both within their classroom as well as within flexible learning areas. Configurable furniture supports the different needs of students, with a variety of comfortable seating choices designed to support collaborative learning. 

Our unique school building design is a celebration of student-driven learning and making. Large, highly visible and collaborative maker spaces line the heart, or the arroyo, of the building, fostering student awareness of the work being done by their peers. Classrooms have direct access to exterior outdoor learning areas, which allows students direct relevant learning opportunities. This site-responsive building acts as a teaching tool, highlighting the natural ecosystems of the site and respecting the natural landscape. Learn more about Arizona's flagship model for 21st century optimal learning environment.  

Safe Supportive, and Collaborative Culture: HRS Level 1 Certification 

As a Marzano High Reliability School that has achieved Level 1 certification, creating a Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative culture, we are committed to transforming our school into an organization that takes proactive steps to ensure student success. Level 1 certification is the foundation for every level that follows. Without such a culture, student achievement will be compromised.

Mobile Devices

Access to individual mobile devices supports a student’s ability to easily and comfortably connect with their teacher, fellow students, and content; thereby providing an unparalleled learning experience. Whether doing research, collaborating with other students or teachers about important ideas or concepts, or looking up curricular content, mobile devices deepen the learning experience through higher levels of engagement and relevancy. 

Computer Science 

Teachers engage students in computer skill development, using both programming and game design to create a cutting-edge learning environment. Students are exposed to coding, LEGO robotics, and Minecraft computer science integrated with curriculum content in English language arts, math, science, and social studies. This allows teachers to create an engaging, interactive and fun learning environment where students are provided skills for the high growth, high demand jobs of the future. 

zSpace AR/VR Labs

Through the power of zSpace, K-12 school districts, universities and medical schools across the country are incorporating AR/VR/MR experiences into their lesson plans and curriculum. Students engage in standards-based learning through hands-on learning experiences. Hundreds of thousands of students are using the technology across the curriculum, particularly for STEM learning, using it to dissect organs, dive into volcanoes and more, all in an AR/VR/MR environment. Students learn by doing without fear of spilling chemicals, blowing a circuit and with the chance to make mistakes and easily try again, encouraging them to take risks, solve problems, while building confidence and increasing understanding.  

Science Labs

Science Labs serve as a laboratory, which allows students to use the information they gather to think critically, build teamwork, share equipment, and take real action within their STEM learning. Students are enthusiastic and curious within a fun, inquiry-based area where learning is aligned with the science curriculum. 

Makerspace Learning Areas

Makerspace Learning Areas provide hands-on, creative spaces to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science and engineering. This unique educational area accommodates a wide range of resources, technology, tools, and materials to engage students in specific projects and activities focused on STEM. Students are challenged intellectually and creatively while developing problem-solving and risk-taking skills. 

Outdoor Learning Areas

Outdoor Learning Areas provide students places where learning is at its best because students are engaged in real science work in relevant environments. These outdoor areas allow students to use information they gather to think critically, make informed decisions and take real action within their STEM learning. Students are enthusiastic and curious within a fun, inquiry-based area where learning is aligned with science curriculum. 

Media Room

To ensure students have quick easy access to content-rich non-fiction and high interest fiction materials for check-out, a Media Room is available.